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Is Asia vegetables really healthy?

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Thai curry, Tom Kha soup, chicken masala, crispy duck, glass noodle salad. We all love to eat Asian. It tastes good and can be cooked in a flash – a wok and a few Asian vegetables from the Asian shop are enough. This cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest in the whole world. But is it really like that? Should we eat it safely?

For many of us, an Asian shop is a paradise: there you can buy all vegetables that are almost impossible to find anywhere else, such as B. Pak-Choi, okra, coriander, galangal, bitter melon, Thai eggplant, ginger, bamboo, and much more. Some can also be bought in wholesalers. But we rarely pay attention to how they are packaged or where they come from. Only a few ask the seller about the origin of the vegetables and which route they have taken.

Most of the vegetables come to us from Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. However, so large amounts come into Switzerland every day that it is impossible to control everything. Some vegetables fail when they are checked at the airport, but the rest ends up on the shelves.

On the video from the program “Kassensturz”, which was recently broadcast on SRF, you can see that half of the vegetables shipped to Switzerland contain pesticides. Even worse: more than half exceed the WHO approved level!

We have to take this problem seriously and shop consciously because large amounts of pesticides are harmful to our health.

We recommend cleaning all vegetables with our Washer, this removes external pesticide residues, bacteria and other germs.

Testing Asian vegetables with our green test also makes sense because they are usually fertilized far too much and therefore often contain excessively high nitrate levels.

To the video of Kassensturz