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SOEKS Ecovisor F4

(4 customer reviews)

259.00 CHF

Tester for:

  • Nitrate
  • Water
  • Radioactivity
  • Electromagnetic fields


A real home lab with high accuracy. Investigate food, radiation and water quality. Ecovisor F4 is the only tester that tests not only ionizing radiation but also electromagnetic radiation. Unique accuracy thanks to 10 years of experience and millions of sold worldwide earlier versions of SOEKS ecotesters. Probe measurement and design technology is protected by patents. The device has a menu in English.

What can it do?

Soeks Ecovisor F4 is primarily a food tester – it will check the health properties of vegetables, fish, fruits and meat. Thanks to the additional function dedicated to parents, it will allow to ensure the highest quality of food for children. Thanks to testing products and the possibility to choose the best ones, it will be irreplaceable in taking care of the health of the whole family. Measurements taken with a meat device allow determining whether they were injected with preservatives. Using the tester you can determine how much chemicals are in our fruits, vegetables, meat or fish. If their level is much higher than the standard, do not consume the product. This applies especially to children, allergy sufferers, pregnant women and people with gastrointestinal diseases.

The unique probe collects much more information than other devices of this type. It has a product temperature sensor and 5 electrodes, which allows for previously unattainable precision of measurement at any temperature (other devices require room temperature). Unlike competing devices, the food tester Ecovisor F4 guarantees high repeatability of measurements!

Ecovisor F4 will check ionizing radiation that can damage cells and lead to cancer or foetal development disorders in mothers. Ekotester will test not only food, but our entire environment – clothes, furniture, everyday objects and building materials – for this. The device has a built-in Geiger-Müller SBM-20-01 meter used, among others, in military applications.

The device will test the electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us and to which practically everyone is exposed. It is the only ecotester on the market that offers such a possibility. The impact of magnetic radiation on our health and wellbeing is enormous. By being able to measure it, we will be able to take care of the places where we live. Sometimes moving a child’s cot or sofa a few centimetres can reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by us several times.

Thanks to the tester we will check the number of substances dissolved in water (impurities) so you can determine whether the water in our tap can cause the accumulation of scale in the body. If we have a water filter we will be able to check how effective it works.


Battery status indicator
Mini USB charging socket
Menu language: German, Russian, English, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian.

The device is covered by a 24-month warranty. It has a CE certificate.

Additional information


Lebensmitteltester, Wassertester, Messgerät für elektromagnetische Felder, Messgerät für ionisierende Strahlung

Deutsche Speisekarte


Bedienungsanleitung in Deutsch



Komposit mit 5 Messelektroden und integriertem Thermometer


TFT Color Touch, Auflösung 320 × 240


3 Sekunden


147 x 54 x 21 mm




Herausnehmbarer NiMh-Akku (im Lieferumfang enthalten) oder AAA-Batterien. Angeschlossenes Ladegerät.


24 Monate


Die Russische Föderation



4 reviews for SOEKS Ecovisor F4

  1. Leo

    Ich benutze es jeden Tag.

  2. Gorge

    I like to know what I’m eating everyday. GG

  3. Marry

    since I changed the position of my bed I’ve been sleeping like a baby

  4. Mike

    rally cool devise I make a good choice

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