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Soeks 112

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SOEKS 112 is a miniature Geiger-Müller counter. The size of the device is comparable to a pen. The dosimeter SOEKS 112 is used to measure ionizing radiation. Measures background radiation and radiation dose. It can be used to measure radiation on people, in open space or on any object.

SOEKS 112 dosimeters are used by companies and government institutions and are also stored in civil defense camps.

The meter design is based on the proven Rosatom (Russian State Nuclear Energy) SBM 20-1 tube that is used in many other radiation meters. Exceeding the threshold value is indicated both on the display and by an acoustic signal. Despite its small size, the device is very accurate and the measurement results are updated quickly.

The device is operated with two LR44 (A76) batteries – these last at least 100 hours in continuous operation (up to 250 hours with low radiation and mute). The dosimeter is easy to use and very practical. It can be used in a wide temperature range.


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  1. Domi

    A very nice product, I recommend it

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