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5G Network Meter Trifield TF2 + Soeks Ecovisor F4 + Smog Sensor

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Ekotester Soeks Ecovisor F4

The Soeks Ecovisor F4 is a high accuracy home laboratory. Examine food, radiation, and check water quality. Ecovisor F4 is the only tester that examines not only ionizing radiation but also electromagnetic radiation. Unique accuracy thanks to 10 years of experience and millions of earlier versions of SOEKS ecotesters sold worldwide. The probe measurement and design technology is protected by patents. The device has a menu in German.

Soeks Ecovisor F4 is primarily a food tester – it will check the health properties of raw, unprocessed vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. Thanks to an additional function dedicated to parents, it will ensure the highest quality of food for children. Thanks to testing products and the possibility to choose the best ones, it will be irreplaceable in taking care of the health of the whole family. Measurements made with the device on the meat allow to determine whether the meat was injected with preservatives.

Using the tester, you can determine how many chemicals are in our fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. If their level significantly exceeds the norm, do not eat the product. This applies especially to children, allergy sufferers, pregnant women and people with digestive system diseases. The unique probe collects much more information than in other devices of this type. It has a product temperature sensor and 5 electrodes, which allows for previously unattainable measurement precision at any temperature (other devices require room temperature). Contrary to competing devices, the Ecovisor F4 food tester guarantees high repeatability of measurements! Ecovisor F4 will check ionizing radiation that can damage cells and lead to cancer or fetal development disorders in mothers. Ekotester will test in this respect not only food, but our entire environment – clothes, furniture, everyday objects and building materials. The device has a built-in Geiger-Müller SBM-20-01 meter used, among others in military applications.

Trifield TF2 – 5G radiation meter, cellular networks and others

The 5G, electromagnetic and microwave radiation meter, TriField TF2 cellular networks allows for the independent measurement of electro-magnetic radiation (radiation from electrical devices, transformer stations, overhead and underground lines) and microwave radiation (RF) from radio networks, radars, mobile phones, transmitters television and telecommunications. The device is prepared to measure the planned frequencies of the 5G telecommunications network.

Smog meter SDL 607

SDL607 is a laser sensor designed to measure the content of PM2.5 and PM10 particles suspended in the air. It is ideal for measuring the level of air pollution in houses and apartments as well as outdoors. The high concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 dusts is extremely harmful to people, especially for children and people with any respiratory problems. In large cities, the device allows you to determine when the smog level becomes dangerous for us and you should avoid staying in the open air.


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