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Today is about a very important topic that has long been on my mind. As most of you know, two and a half years ago I became the dad of a cute little daughter who is my pride and joy. Before the little one was born, however, we probably felt like 99.9% of all mothers and fathers who experience this for the first time. You think about all sorts of things, about the right diapers, about the best care products, what do we need for the nursery and a thousand other things so that the child lacks nothing.

And as a cook you naturally also have the ambition to cook fresh and varied dishes for your child. However, the question quickly arose whether I should use vegetables, fruit and meat from conventional or organic production. Why? In conventional cultivation, many pesticides and fungicides are used to protect vegetables from parasites and germs. Unfortunately we eat all of this with us and I definitely didn’t want to serve my child a chemical cocktail with dinner.

Many foods contain high levels of nitrates

Many will now say that to get around this problem, I should just buy organic food. Yes, that was my first thought too. However, organic is also not free from harmful substances and germs. Because if the organic farmer cultivates directly on the side of the road or there is industry nearby, you can expect that the cultivated food will get some of it. And what happens when the farmer does everything to ensure that his fruit and vegetables are grown as healthily as possible, but many people take things into their hands in his shop?

Unfortunately, these days you cannot completely clean fruit, vegetables or meat by simply washing them under running water.

Peeling alone does not help and makes many vitamins disappear

Who now thinks: “Ok, then I’ll just peel the problem away.” He’s wrong. If, for example, you peel a melon without washing it and it is infested with bacteria and fungi, you are transporting the germs directly to the pulp, which provides a great breeding ground for microorganisms. So, the pulp, which was not contaminated before peeling, now becomes a breeding ground for pathogens of all kinds.

Should you wash fruit or vegetables in a dishwasher?

As crazy as it sounds, it can remove many of the pesticides, but not all. And those that then get into our body can cause severe gastrointestinal complaints. In addition, you also eat the residues from dishwashing detergent, which in turn can lead to health problems.

What about a vegetable brush?

Certainly useful for potatoes, carrots and the like directly before preparation, but otherwise rather not. Or can you imagine brushing strawberries with a vegetable …?

Clean fruit and vegetables just before use?

Clearly yes because the natural protective layer is removed and everything spoils faster. What is worse, however, are supposedly clean products such as packaged lettuce in plastic bags. These bags offer an optimal habitat for germs, so you should wash this salad well again before eating it.

Now you’ve learned so much that it may have made you feel dizzy. But what now? I asked myself that too and I was lucky. I have found a great solution not only to clean fruit, vegetables, meat and objects such as cutlery or pacifiers, but even to sterilize them.

We are talking about the WashEr and the mobile green test from Ecosoul.

Washer: The Washer is a clever device that uses ultrasound and ozone – and completely without the use of chemicals – to remove pollutants and microorganisms from food, household and children’s items and disinfects everything at the same time. The cool thing is that this device, just like the Greentest, can be used on the go after charging.

Greentest: This is a device with which it is possible to measure the level of nitrate in fresh fruit, vegetables or meat. It is very easy to use: switch on the device. Choose from fruit, vegetables and meat from the menu. Then the corresponding table opens in which you can select the food. Then you put the needle into the food to be tested, press “Start test” and after a few seconds you have the result of whether the food has a harmful load or not. If you have one, you can neutralize it with the Washer, which works with ultrasound and ozone.

Short and sweet: an absolute must-have for every kitchen and especially for mothers. Because with this device, you not only save time and nerves, you also do something good for your children.